Mandelbulb Realms

Mandelbulb is a class of three-dimensional fractals and a way to explore them.  You can dive right into this kaleidoscopic world with the help of a program such as Mandelbulber or Mandelbulb 3D, with a grainy camera view to help you find your way before you take the time to render a high-quality image.  Sometimes you can find what looks like ancient temples, alien spacecraft, or weird vegetables.  Other times, you find that you can tweak the formulas just enough to create a whole new world of your own.  Placing figures from my photos to me reminds me of playing with action figures when I was a little girl, wishing I could be as small as they so that I could explore the trees, rocks, and moss up close.  I can’t physically step into these Mandelbulb landscapes, but by adding in elements from a different realm, we can use our imaginations together.

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